Company profile

International Thermal Instrument Company was established in 1969 to explore the application of thermoelectric sensing to calorimetry, thermal conductivity, heat flux, radiometry, geothermal and velometry. For the past 30 years, ITI Co. has supplied OEM and custom thermal instrumentation to innumerable US and Foreign National Laboratories, NASA, NIST and many private and state run universities. ITI Co.’s commitment to our customers is such that we pride ourselves in still being able to custom design our thermal instrumentation within our clients parameters. Founding members of the company hold graduate degrees from The University of California, Purdue University, Georgetown University and constitute a wealth of design experience which is continuously available to our clients.

ITI Co.’s product line has been developed largely as a result of industrial requirements. Industries such as Heating and Air Conditioning, Petroleum, Chemical, Nuclear and Power Generation have all contributed to the continued growth of the company. In many cases, the Research and Development branch of ITI Co. has worked jointly with these industries to develop probes, instrumentation and solutions for thermal management problems which were previously unavailable. New developments are currently underway in such areas as Gas Calorimetry, Non-intrusive Fluid Flow Velometry, Radioisotope/Waste Calorimetery, and Meteorology. These products, among others, will continue to expand ITI Co.’s product line and expertise so that it may continue to provide industry with more precise and modern systems.